Are You Busy As A BEE?

Honeybees are called social insects because different members of the colony have special jobs. There are only three types of bees in a community.

  • Queen bee (female)

  • Drone bee (male)

  • Worker bee (female)

There are many different worker bees that help the colony as team players. For example, there are nurses, housekeepers, scouts, guards, undertakers, pollen pickers and nectar pickers to name a few.

Find out why each type of bee is important to the community.

Rollover the image

Queen Bee
Drone Bee
Housekeeping Bee
Guard Bees
Nurse Bee
Scout Bee
Undertaker Bee
Pollen Picking Collector Bee
Nectar Collecting Bee

Then for fun, try this wordsearch to get familiar with some new vocabulary words. When your are finished, put both worksheets in your BEE folder.

Great, now show me what you learned about my sisters. Complete this worksheet.


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