Boston Massacre memorial plague Boston Common


Compare Paul Revere's engraving to Alonzo Chappel's lithograph of the Boston Massacre by answering these questions for each.

  1. What time of the day does it look like this event is occurring?
  2. Describe the actions of the British soldiers to the right of the picture, what are they doing?
  3. Describe the crowd to the left of the picture, what is happening to them?
  4. Identify Captain Preston and describe what he appears to be doing
  5. Explain how the title reflects what is happening in the picture
  6. If you looked at this picture how would you describe the events of the 5th of March?

Obituary of the 4 colonists that died at the scene

  1. What is the purpose of the pictures shown in the obituary?
  2. How does the author describe the fate of the 4 victims?
  3. Describe how the town of Boston mourned the victims
  4. What does the author’s description of the Boston Massacre tell us about his point of view?

Boston Gazette report following the Massacre

  1. How did the British react after being confronted by Archbald in the alley?
  2. Why do you think the young boys left when the 12 soldiers returned to the alley?
  3. What does the British reaction to Atwood reveal about their attitude that night?
  4. According to the author what factors led Captain Preston to give the order to fire?
  5. What does the last the paragraph reveal about the authors attitude about the British and how might this be used by colonial radicals?

Thomas Preston’s account of the event

  1. Who do you think was the intended audience of this account by Thomas Preston?
  2. How does Preston justify sending his troops to the Customs house?
  3. Which loaded words does Preston use to describe the mob and their actions? Why do you believe he describes the mob this way?
  4. How does Preston describe his own actions that evening?
  5. Predict: Do you believe Preston’s account would be successful in defending his actions? Why?

The groups will use the APPARTS primary source guide to analyze each document and then answer questions related to each document.