Colonial Stamp Act spoof


The Sugar Act was repealed in 1766 due in large part to the action taken by colonists, with Bostonians leading the charge.  This act was not repealed until after a new set of taxes had been levied on the colonies: The Stamp Act. 

The Stamp Act was a direct tax, placed on Americans by Parliament in 1765.  This was a tax which became very personal for many colonists as it quickly drove up their cost of living. 

You will be examining how the Stamp Act continued to escalate colonial protest.  These protests took on many forms.  Using primary sources these various forms of protest will become evident.  You will see how the Stamp Act affected people of different social and economic classes.  It will also examine the role of the mob in Boston, and how the mob mentality was used to change British colonial policy in the 1760’s.