Boston Tea Party Broadsheet preface


Through the use of political cartoons you have learned the mindset of the colonist and the British in the time period leading up to the Boston Tea Party.  By writing cartoon captions, analyzing a cartoon and creating your own cartoon, you have examined the various points of view regarding the issue of British taxation of the colonists.  One of the biggest issues you focused on was the shipment of English tea to Boston and the colonial response to this event. You learned through primary source documents and creation of a podcast that there were meetings held by the colonists in Boston and around the colonies to discuss and plan what actions they would take to deal with English tea being shipped to America.  Through the examination of a firsthand account you learned of the specific details of the Boston Tea party. The Boston Tea Party was one more act of open resistance to British policy.

Final Unit Assessment

Compare the actions of the colonists during the Boston Tea Party to their actions in resisting the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, and the Boston Massacre.

What does this say about the evolution of the colonist’s use of open resistance? 

At what point do acts of protest become acts of treason? 

Considering all you have learned, predict the British response to the Boston Tea Party?