Massacre or Riot: What Say Ye?

The British Land In Boston

Activity Two
Study the Paul Revere engraving of the landing, and read The British Land in Boston . Think of the changes that will take place with so many soldiers living in Boston. As a Patriot, what hopes and fears do you have for yourself, your family, and your town? As a Loyalist, what is your reaction? Will soldiers be living in your home? How might this change your home life?
Use the worksheet: Reading a Visual Document: Guiding Questions, to help develop insights concerning the engraving.
Write a letter to a friend or relative in another town, or make a diary entry. In your letter/diary describe what you see and hear as the British troops enter your city. How do you feel about these events as a Patriot? As a Loyalist? Many people have not chosen one side or the other yet. You don't have to choose yet, but be aware that people are choosing sides, and you won't be an exception.
Before writing your letter/diary, it might be helpful to make a list of words that express feelings associated with a large, armed force arriving to occupy your town. Use a split page and the worksheet Loyalist Patriot Occupation to show the different feelings that Patriots and Loyalists would have of the same event. Date and dateline your letter to accurately show the time and place that this is happening.

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