Massacre or Riot: What Say Ye?

Boston Massacre circle

Activity Four
With five colonists dead, six wounded and nine soldiers jailed, the government wants answers. Who is to blame for this event? An enquiry will be held to explore the causes of this tragedy and to determine whether it was a massacre or a riot. Being a respected citizen and an eyewitness to the growing tensions in Boston, you are invited to attend the Governor's Council meeting investigating the incident. There you will present your findings and opinions to the Governor's Council.
Before the enquiry you should read some papers that were published shortly after that night. Start with the two below:
Paul Revere, a Boston Patriot and silversmith, printed an engraving of the event that was sold widely throughout the colonies. He also constructed a diagram of the actual event with locations of fallen bodies. Compare these. Describe your findings. Which was distributed shortly after the event? Do you think it had an effect on the colonists' decision to stand with the Patriots or stay loyal to the British? Explain. You may want to use one or both in your presentation.
revere engraving revere drawing of Boston Massacre
Remember to fulfill the requirement of the rubric that expects you to identify causes of the event and determine whether it was a massacre or a riot.

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