To Sign Or Not To Sign?...That Is Your Decision!

Imagine you are fortunate enough to start a business in the busy port of Boston in the year 1760. At that time, the French and Indian War was rapidly coming to close. As you recall, the French and Indian War settled the dispute between Great Britain and France over the valued Ohio River Valley.
The war brought a variety of people to the American colonies, including Boston. As a merchant you have to make important decisions for your store, ranging from what you will sell to who you will sell to. Unfortunately, even though the French and Indian War resulted in a British victory, Great Britain was left in deep financial trouble and therefore, had to create new taxes for the American colonists. The new taxes were met with much controversy in Boston. Did Great Britain have the right to tax Massachusetts without granting her a representative in Parliament? You, as a Boston merchant, must decide where you stand on taxes. Do you side with the loyalists who accept the responsibility of paying taxes for the good of the British Empire? Do you side with the patriots who agree to stop importing taxed goods, believing only colonial legislatures have the right to tax? What do you think?
You are to become a Boston merchant in the 1760s. You need to decide whether you will sign the nonimportation agreement with the patriots or whether you will continue to import goods from Great Britain with the other loyalists. Since you are a merchant in the 1760s you have no idea that the American patriots will soon be victorious in the War of Independence. To put you in the mindset of a colonial merchant in Boston, you will complete the following:
  • Design an advertisement for your business.
  • Analyze the nonimportation agreement.
  • Examine newspaper articles written by patriots.
  • Create a pros vs. cons list.
  • Examine the life of a loyalist Boston merchant named Elizabeth Murray from the 1760s.
  • Post a response to Elizabeth Murray's blog in your role as either a Patriot or Loyalist.
  • Write and deliver a speech describing your decision to sign or not to sign.
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