Stamp Act Debate

stamp act tea pot

Activity One

Click on the links below and examine the images, then answer the questions that follow:

One April in Boston - Tax Stamp
* What is the significance of the crown in the middle of the stamp?
* How much was this stamp for?
* What did they use these stamps for? Why did they need to stamp products?
* What was the skull and crossbones a symbol of related to the Stamp Act?

One April in Boston - Tea Pot
* Why did the colonists put "No Stamp Act" on a teapot? What was the significance of using a teapot?
* Today, how do people protest against an issue? Is it effective? Explain.
* What is the scissor-like tool on the right of the picture?

Digital restoration of the Pennsylvania Journal of October 31, 1765.

One April in Boston - The Pennsylvania Journal
The owner of the paper printed comments about the difficulties of staying in business with such a heavy tax burden.
*What symbols do you notice on the header of the paper? What is the significance?
* Why did the Stamp Act effect the business of a newspaper?


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