As a class, we will complete a poster version of the Economic System Worksheet. This will be based on the city of Lowell in the state of Massachusetts to introduce you to some aspects of an economy.
As a group, you will explore the differences that existed between the economies of Ancient Rome, the American North and the American South. Each group will use websites and a textbook (see resources section) that details the economic systems of Ancient Rome, the North or the South. It will be your job to compare the three economic systems.
The following information must be included:
  • Location
  • Climate
  • Products
  • Type of Work
  • Type of labor needed
Note: Use the attached Economic System worksheet.
Resources for Introductory Activity:
Source explaining what an economic system is:
  • The World Past and Present, p.72
Sources describing Rome:
Sources describing the South:
Sources describing the North:

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