The Task

As a class we will be looking at the economies of Ancient Rome and the American South to try to understand why Ancient Romans and many American Southerners thought that they needed slavery. We'll also be looking at the American North, and why many American Northerners believed that they did not need slavery. We will be investigating letters, posters and newspaper articles as you try to understand the thought process of those that supported and opposed slavery. The goal of this task is to:
1. Understand the economic systems of Ancient Rome, the American North, and the American South.
2. Understand the conditions of slavery and its impact on slaves. You will examine the Liberator to get an idea of how newspapers of this type were formatted during this period. You will also have the opportunity to read articles written about slavery.
3. You will choose a role as a Roman slave owner, a Southern slave owner or a Northern factory owner and:
  • describe your economic needs
  • compare the economies of the American South, American North and Ancient Rome
  • understand what was needed to maintain their economic success.
4. Create your own opinion about why slavery was or was not necessary in the North, South or Ancient Rome.
5. Understand the opinion of someone who lived during that time.
6. Create a summary of how a certain group felt about slavery:
  • Southern Plantation Owner
  • Northern Factory Owner
  • Roman Republic Citizen


7. Create and record a podcast of your team's findings and opinions.



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