Suffrage paradeWhile Sarah, Harriet, and Maria felt they were doing the right thing by working to put an end to slavery and to improve the harsh working conditions of the textile mills, their efforts led them, as you have discovered, to work for women’s rights, most importantly, suffrage, the right to vote.

What do YOU think NOW?

* Do YOU think the struggle for equal rights is finished?
* Are ALL people equal?
* Are women doing the same job paid the same salary as men?

As you think about these and other questions that you have, keep your eyes and ears open to the world around you.  Make new connections to what you have already learned.  You may want to continue by going to the websites below to continue your journey forward.  Good luck!

History of Women’s Suffrage

Declaration of Sentiments/Seneca Falls 1848

Speech by Lilly Ledbetter


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