Election Day cartoonYou are going to discover what forces (causes) motivated these women to work for change in the factories, in the lives of slaves, and in their own lives.   Through your research using Primary Sources (PS) and Secondary Sources (SS) -  autobiographies, articles, pictures, artifacts, songs, biographies, and videos - you will understand what the costs and benefits (effects) of speaking out were during a time when most women were expected to take care of their homes, husbands, and families.

You and your partner are going to step into the shoes of ONE of these local women.  You are going to learn WHY this woman decided to work for change – one that led to change in the traditional role of women.

The goal of your research is to learn about all three women reformers and then with your partner, create a PowerPoint presentation about one.  Your research (previous class activities and readings, as well as new readings) will show: 

  • WHAT was happening in Massachusetts during these 30 years;
  • WHY women joined together as reformers;
  • WHAT the costs of their struggles were;
  • WHAT the benefits were; and, most importantly,
  • WHY women decided to fight for their own civil rights/equality.


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