You are a member of a team of advisors that will advise a European industrialist who wants to build a textile factory in Massachusetts. Textile manufacturing has been a very important part of the European economy for quite some time. Industrialists are becoming very rich through the manufacturing of fine cloth, and the market for such products is growing by leaps and bounds. In America, immigrants such a William Crompton and his son, George Crompton, will provide thousands of jobs to a citizenry that is eager to work. As the factories are being built, decisions must be made concerning what types of looms will be purchased, and how these looms will be powered. Knowing that to power your looms required working with your fellow advisors, with a $100,000 budget, you will decide whether you will use water power, steam power, or both to power your factory, and make other important decisions to help make the new factory a success.

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