Guiding Question:

How were the Irish immigrants of Boston treated prior to the Potato Famine?


Famine Memorial, Ireland thumb

Famine Memorial, DooLough Pass Road, Ireland. Image from Wikimedia Commons


You have been chosen by the Mayor of Boston to be part of a special commission who will be responsible for creating four monuments to honor the legacy of Irish immigrants to Boston. Although people of South Boston, the Dropkick Murphy's, the Boston Celtics, and many others boldly display their pride in Boston's history as a place of Irish immigration with flags, shamrocks, and an annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, the history of the early Irish immigrants to Boston is not nearly as glamorous. Your job will be to look at four events in the pre-Potato Famine era of Boston's Irish immigration to show native treatment towards these immigrants. The four events are the execution of Dominic Daley and James Halligan in 1806, the Burning of Charlestown's Ursuline Convent in 1834, the Broad Street Riot of 1837, and the Election of Governor George Briggs in 1845.

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