Lesson Process - Day 1

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Finding out about settlement houses

What were settlement houses?
What kinds of people lived and worked in settlement houses?
Where was the Denison House located?

Activity 1: Introduction: What was a settlement house?
For our first day, we are going to examine what a settlement house is, who lived there, and where was the Denison House located in Boston.
For this first activity you are going to be divided into 5 groups of four and be responsible for reading the background information about settlement houses.
Some of you will be going to the computer to look at online articles others will be given excerpts from a book.
Here are the group assignments:

Please take notes on the paper provided. When you are finished, each group visit each piece of chart paper hanging on the wall. Please write an answer to each question (see below). When you have completed the questions, sit at your table. We will discuss our findings as a whole group before proceeding to Activity 2.

Sheet 1. What was a settlement house?
Sheet 2. What were some of the reasons they were established?
Sheet 3. Who were some important individuals who helped establish settlement houses and what were the names of some famous settlement houses in the United States?