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Lesson Process - Day 1

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Determine from election statistics, the number of Italians who were registered as voters. Read a passage from the book "Boston Italians"(page 14) to identify the percentage of Italians who immigrated to the USA and became citizens. Answer questions of how Italians were elected to office using prior knowledge of "Political Machines" based on election and voting stats.

Election Results (type in Scigliano may want to increase size) for book 2 scroll down to page 1 and 3 and look at the total registered voters and male voters for ward 6 then turn to page11 then page 124 and note the total of votes that are cast fort Scigliano and all candidates in this election. If you have trouble finding voting results,click on the voting chart to see statistics on voters in 1905.

After reading pages 13 and 14 and taking into consideration the totals for voters and numbers of male residents, What possible connections can you make about the total of males and the number of registered voters?

How does this connect to what you know about elections held in cities that were full of immigrants?

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